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Solid wood watches and accessories exceed the standard. They are not mediocre, common, or antiquated. But instead, are testaments to exceptional craftsmanship that are instant classics which transfix everyone.

Designed to encapsulate elegance, Solid Wood Sells Items that span distance and time. We are a company that is engrossed in culture, hoping to reach anyone interested in becoming part of a movement that is prestigious. Only offering prime quality in product and experience.

Affiliate Program

Do you own a website? Ebay? Amazon? account or simply sell to a friend. Would you like to earn money from it?

If you do, look no further than the brilliant Solid Wood UK affiliate program.

What is an affiliate programme?

The Solid Wood affiliate programme provides you with, the opportunity to start your own business or simply earn £££ on the side.

For every sale you generate, we will pay you a commission through are Affiliate Network. The way you promote us to generate sales is up to you.

Why sign up to the Solid Wood UK program?

  • Fixed commission on all Sales
  • Extensive range of promotional creatives
  • A range of incentives to join – if you need content, competitions, products to review just ask!
  • Dedicated affiliate team
  • Regular promotional updates on offers and discounts
  • Free Worldwide delivery on all orders

We want to help you as much as we can so we regularly communicate offers, promotions and brand updates through newsletters and are social media pages.

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